Copenhagen: an example for North America

This is an incredibly inspirational 10 minute film about the bicycling infrastructure in Copenhagen viewd through the eyes (mostly) by North Americans. I love it. I wish it were there. In the States, especially smaller cities like the one in which I live, there are plenty of times when I am the only cyclist on the road (especially in foul weather), and when you reach a certain age (past, say...20 or 25) people start to question your mental and emotional state when you tell them you prefer a bike over a car. I can't tell you how often people assume I cannot afford to own a vehicle, and are surprised that I actually do own one, because they see me on a bike all the time. If there are any Copenhageners (is that the correct term?) reading this blog I'll just say this: I am profoundly jealous, but more importantly you should be proud to live in such a cycling-friendly city. Hopefully America will take a few tips from you before it's too late. Lastly, whether your a cyclist or not (especially if your not) I encourage you to watch this film. It will make you remember what a joy it is to ride a bike...and hopefully make you ride one.


Unknown said…
Thank you for posting this video! It really made my day better. I too live in a smaller city in North America (Waterloo, Canada, just north of you). It's a pretty progressive city compared to many others, but light-years behind Copenhagen. Going through university, not having a car was accepted. But since I started working, I feel slightly insane for not having a car. It's videos like this one that make me feel sane once in a while.

Keep up the good work on the blog!
Joe said…
Thanks for the comments Geir. It certainly is an inspiring video.
Premodern Bloke said…
Wow. THAT should be the model for all of our cities.

I was a bit surprised at how many folks do not wear helmets. Not to get back on that debate but I wonder what the cultural reasons are for that.

Thanks for sharing.