Flat Tires Suck

No way around it, they do: flat tires suck. They're really disappointing. Came home from vacation yesterday looking forward to taking a spin on the Mundo only to discover it had a flat on the front tire...hadn't been on a bike in a week and was really looking forward to it. Maybe it went flat from non-use. Luckily I have a couple other bikes from which to choose...ended up scooting around on my Dahon. It was fun but I was really looking forward to the Mundo. Shops are closed today being Sunday and Independence day...tomorrow too, seeing businesses will honor the holiday then. Looks like I'll have to wait 'till Tuesday for a new tube. I'm sure I'll be able to manage...me with my petty little problems, right? Anyhow, pumped it with air...waiting to see if it holds.