It's the Little Things

I saw this sign after walking across the Golden Gate Bridge last week with my son. It's at the entrance to a stairway leading under the bridge and to the other side (so you don't have to cross the hellish traffic). The stairs are long and steep so there is a ramp provided for bicyclists to walk their bikes...otherwise this would be inaccessible to many cyclists. It really is the little things...we (cyclists) need more inclusion such as this. The ramp is nothing but a board really (on the left side of the below photo), but it really makes a difference (and made me feel good when I saw it...and a sign explaining it). It reminds me of a much longer version of my plank of gratefulness that I use to enter my house with bikes, especially the Mundo (click here to read about that). I first got the idea when I saw a mechanic at a local bike shop walking bikes up-and-down their basement stairs..."Do you have any idea how many bikes I'd be carrying up these stairs everyday if it weren't for this plank," he snapped at me when I commented on it.
I know that there are a few people from the bay area that read this blog, and I just want to say that you should feel truly blessed to live in a city that is not only breathtakingly beautiful ( a postcard), but also one that is increasingly welcoming to bicyclists.