Je Suis Retourné

I'm back.

My apologies to regular readers, bloggers, bikers, and overall simplifiers out in there blogasphere. One week...the longest I've went without a post since I began this blog! I was on holiday with my son in the beautiful city of San Francisco...I'd been there a few other times but not in at least the past 10 years...I'd forgotten what a lovely and inspiring city it is. I actually have 10 days in a row off of work...the most consecutive days I've had off in 10 years as well (hmm...I just realized I've typed the number ten 3-times in this paragraph, all un-related...while I'm not into numerology, it must mean something). Anyhow, while I was on vacation I made the personal commitment not to spend too much time on a computer (like I do when I'm at home), hence the absence of posts. And besides I wasn't about to shell out $10.00 for Internet access (another 10). Instead I had morning coffee in Union Square, where they had free wireless, to check emails, posts, comments, etc. At-any-rate, I also wanted to send out a quick thank you to all who kept visiting, and to those who left a few comments. Look for forthcoming pictures and commentary on San Francisco...and other things.