Lobster Killer!

This post is part shameless self-promotion, but also self-interest. It's self-promotion because it refers to--and is linked to--an article I recently wrote for Artvoice weekly paper. The article chronicles my chagrin at having to kill 120 lobsters (yes I had to do it if I wanted to keep my job). This may not bother some people but it did me, and I stated this in the story. Anyhow, as aforementioned, this is also self-interest because of what one reader had to say. Firstly, I have to say (regarding her comments) is that I am glad that she said them...I always find it awesome when a reader is so moved to respond to something I wrote. I also liked some of her comments. She said, for example, my writing had a "hip and flip tone," and that the story was like "a razor in an apple." The only real problem I have with her comments is that she never stated if she were a vegetarian...because as we all know--whether you want to deny it or not--that if you eat meat, poultry, or seafood something dies before it hits your plate. If, on the other hand, she is a vegetarian then that is another story. And if that is the case, my dear reader, please accept my humble apologies...I feel your pain.

Click here to go directly to the article (which includes recipes), click here to go to the letter to the editor. The somewhat gruesome photos below were not published in the story.