Rain Riding

This evening after work I rode the Mundo to return a DVD that was due (lest I pay a late fee). Throughout the day today the humidity was so heavy the air had a certain haze to it. Rain was predicted but I was hoping I could make it home prior. As I made it to the store there were a few drops and the sky had become so dark it seemed to be nearly night time (but it wasn't). Then as I pedaled home it was as if the clouds burst like a canopy too full of water...it came down in buckets. I only had a short ride (about a mile) and all I could do was surrender. At one point there was a very subtle decline in the road where I could coast pretty fast. I stood on the pedals and took it in. After spending the day in a hot kitchen it felt so good to be coasting through this downpour. Life is good, I thought to myself, as I passed cars carrying dry people. It's good to use your own body to propel yourself, and it's good to be in the natural elements such as a rain fall or snow storm. It makes me remember that I am not in control. And I need this reminder more often than not...sometimes it's the little things that make me feel truly alive.


Jim said…
I had a similar experience last Wednesday. The clouds were looking ominous as I left work later than usual, so I decided to see if I could race the rain home. I made it three miles before I started getting wet. A moment later the storm really hit! It was one of those "gully washers" where you got soaked immediately, so I saw no point in trying to take cover. I rode the the last mile home, upstream, with a big grin on my face.
Joe said…
It's great, isn't it. I also like riding in the snow for the first week (but then start wishing for summer).
the_big_smile said…
This is really great, the way you describe your experience!
I felt like I would feel the rain myself!

I can understand, what you are talking about, after I had that experience years before. Hot summer day and a thunderstorm with water as high as 2 or 3 cm on the street, while riding the bike!
Really the greatest cycling experience I ever had!
Joe said…
It certainly is fun when you are OK with arriving at your destination soaking wet (luckily I was heading home). Once, when I wanted to bike to work and it was pouring out, I wrapped an entire change of clothes in two plastic bags...there's always a way!