A Real Beauty

If I were a wealthy guy--which I'm not--or if I had a disposable income--which I don't--I'd buy one of these beauties. It's a Batavus Personal Delivery Bike...looks like a shorter version of a cargo bike to me. Never rode one but have seen them in a bike shop in Toronto...they're like a work of art. I almost bought one, actually, before purchasing the v3 Mundo. Over recent years I've been trying to ascertain what is a want and what is a need in my life...I definitely do not need one of these bikes (or another bike of any kind, for that matter), but surly I'd like to have one. And hey, nothing wrong with looking, right?


DanT said…
I know both the bike and the shop. I have ridden one but I have to say that I like my new V3.0 Mundo better.
Joe said…
Glad to hear it Dan...I love my Mundo as well. It is without doubt the most comfortable bike I've ever ridden.
the_big_smile said…
This Batavus is a beauty, you are right!
But in my oninion there is nothing better than a Mundo.
As long I don't have to ride 12% grade uphill. That's when I question myselve, if there might a beetter bike than a Mundo. ;-)

Look at tha Batavus and think about it: Will you be able, to load it as easily as your Mundo?
What about the logs of wood or concrete-plates?
Joe said…
No I don't think I could carry the loads on the Batavus that I carry on the Mundo...but I still like to look (and drool). I agree with you also that the Mundo is a better all-around bike...and it is so much fun to ride.