Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#188)

$28.56 in miscellaneous groceries.
A double order of Stir-Fried Chicken-and-Broccoli.
A double order of Pot Stickers.
An Artvoice newspaper.


commonweeder said…
You can't carry 70 garden bloggers on a bike, but I'm glad you carried yourself to the Twentieth Century Club to cook a magnificent meal for us. What a way to start us off on our Buffalo Garden Walk Preview. Many thanks.
Joe said…
But I think I could carry 2 or 3 bloggers...

Thanks for the kudos, enjoy the garden walk.
Steven Vance said…
I think you should get the Go-Getter pannier. It would make loading your bike with those many small items a lot faster and you wouldn't have to worry about stuff bouncing out.

And it's easy to take with you shopping: