Bike Fashion

First off, I just have to say that I apologize in advance if you are a fixie rider. And also that this, being my blog, I get to say what I want. And while I try to keep this blog on a positive note every so often I have to get something off my chest...this is one of those times.

The two bikes pictured above are often seen locked up together on Allen Street very near my house. But they are two of many because it seems as if fixed gear bikes are spawning like mushrooms on a log on a humid summer day. I am convinced that fixed gear bikes are mostly about fashion. And yes, I know, if you are a fixie rider you will argue the point...but dude, it's like you become one with your bike. Well you will be telling me this 'till you are blue in the face. While they may be novel and fun to ride, I truly believe they are not practical (and can be downright dangerous). Case-in-point, their skinny little handle bars. There is nothing that can convince me that these are not designed purely for fashion. The riders even look uncomfortable to me, the way it makes them sort of hunch their shoulders together. It's simply another way of peacocking, only this time it's on wheels going 20 mph...and that can be a little scary.

This is not the first time I've posted on here and here to read previous posts. I also recommend this article in Wired Magazine, and the book Bike Snob NYC. And again, my apologies as I don't mean to offend anyone, I just think fashion (of all kinds) can be a bit fashion especially. But, on the other hand, I am all for getting people to ride a bike, and if it takes a fixed gear to get you on one then all the power to you. But please be careful and consider getting me your knees will thank you in 15 or 20 years...that's if you don't take a header first.


Isla... said…
You are quite right in that the fixie craze is a fashion, but there are some merits in the design.

The fixie is a simple & reliable machine, which is why messengers favour them so much.

Many fixie riders also praise the direct drive in slippery conditions, as it lets them know exactly what is going on between tyre & tarmac.

That said, do you you see Yuba introducing a fixed Mundo in the near future? No, I guess gears aren't disappearing anytime soon ;>D
Joe said…
Ian, Thanks for the comments...but I'm still not getting it. I have six bikes (all with gears) and I ride them year-round in very snowy and slippery conditions.