FDR's Proposed Second Bill of Rights

I just learned of this proposed Bill while watching the new Micheal Moore documentary, Capitalism: A Love Story.  And while this post may not seem like it falls under my traditional criteria of Urban Simplicity, at least not the first two--cooking and biking--it most definitely falls under the third: The Sacred Journey of Everyday Life. Below is a portion of the original speech he gave at the White House in 1944. At the time of the speech he was a sick man and never saw this come to fruition (nor did we). It's only a two minute clip and I encourage you to watch it. I found it exceptionally moving, especially the last few seconds when he finishes, looks straight into the camera, and lets out a audible sigh as he closes his papers. This is timeless, but at the same time we need these things more than ever. Come on Barack...I still have hope!