I don't understand. In the past I had a problem with spam on this blog so I initiated (at the suggestion of a reader) the use of those swirly letters you have to type in to gain access to comment. This eliminated it mostly, but every once in a while a person (because I'm assuming it has to be a person to get past the swirly letters) will leave a spam post...usually trying to sell something. Today I received one such spam-comment, it was on this recent post regarding tall bikes (you can take a look for yourself). I've never spammed a blog before but I'll just say this...if I were going to spam a blog that mostly focused on bicycles, cooking, and the spiritual side of life, I wouldn't try to sell large truck parts on it. So I say again...huh?


Isla... said…
Strange indeed LOL

We have some Allison transmissions in some buses where I work.

They are smooth & reliable, but have little in common with bicycles!

Just ignore them ;>)
Andy in Germany said…
I have the same- people trying to sell cars by commenting on my most caustic entries. One even quoted from the blog and said they were offering "Four wheel polluters" at a reasonable fee.

At least they were honest.