No Car Necessary

George Bliss, co-owner of Hudson Urban Bicycles

The title of this post is taken directly from a July article in the New York Times titled, Hauling Cargo, No Car Necessary. It's an inspiring article (and short video below) regarding, not surprisingly, cargo bikes. I've been interested in carrying stuff by bike since I was a little kid (opposed to the big kid that I am now), so this article and video really hits home. I also question if there is a cargo-hauling trike in my not-so-near future (maybe when I'm too old to balance properly). My biggest problem with a cargo trike like this is that I wouldn't have any place to store it (as it is I currently store my three main bikes in my living room); I'd have to build some sort of an outdoor storage shed in my backyard. I'm sure there are some real load carrying benefits (and disabilities) to having three wheels instead of two. Interestingly (and you have to look for this to notice it), in the video when they are speaking with George Bliss in front of his shop, there are a couple quick images of a Mundo or two...he must sell them in NYC. At any rate, it's a good (and brief) article and video; I encourage you to watch and read'll probably make you want to go haul some stuff.