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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Spider's Web

I saw this spider's web as I was walking the other's amazing how much you can take in as you walk, isn't it? I thought it looked interesting enough to post. But I can't help to think that it may be a premonition of the future of gas guzzlers...

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Jim said...

I went for my first multi-day bike tour last week, and returned with similar thoughts about traveling (re: how much more you can take in by going slowly).

Instead of hopping from car to motel to car to tourist attraction and back, on a bike (or on foot) you are able to soak up the details of the world in between the landmarks. I wrote a big post about it on my blog.

Anyway, to elaborate on the premonition: perhaps cars (and excess consumption) have caught the earth in a web, and are slowly sucking it dry... grisly!