Stand Alone

I'm thinking about purchasing one of these stands for the Mundo but am not sure if I should's brand new and am wondering if it would be smarter to wait for the next version, to work out any kinks.. Currently I have the sidestand, which came standard on the bike. It works surprisingly well for such a heavy bike, but when you load it up with heavy or awkward loads (which I've been known to do) the bike can fall over...and at the very least the bike is on a slant so things sometimes slide off as you load them. Anyhow, I can't find any actual reviews (other than this one, but they are also trying to sell it).

The bike itself, in my opinion, is superbly designed, so I can't imagine the good people at Mundo would sell a product that was not a good fit for the bike...but still, $77.00 is a lot of money (for me) to shell out for a kickstand. I know that there are more than a few Mundo riders out in the blogosphere that check into this blog from time-to-time...have any of you tried this kickstand? Are you considering getting one? 

Click here to see the original sidestand.
Click here to see the new stand alone stand.


DanT said…
You are right Joe, $77 is too steep for the stand. Yuba seems to be a good buy as a bare bicycle but US Yuba seem to be unreasonable in their accessory pricing.
I am sticking with the original stand.
Dr C. said…
If I remember the post you wrote when you sold the Mundo, didn't you keep the old Hebie Bipod? I can't imagine this would be that much better than the Bipod and if you still have it you won't have to shell out again. I remember reading about a company who widen the Bipod by stretching it out a few extra centimetres for one of thier taller bikes to increase stability. It could be a more simple option than buying something new.
Premodern Bloke said…
I don't own a Mundo, but just wanted to say that it would bug me that they have a standard kickstand that is not up to the task and that I needed to spend $77 to get one that really works. I would have a hard time rewarding that.

If it is something that they discovered from customers, then they should offer a kickstand trade-in at a steep discount.
the_big_smile said…
When I asked my Mundo-Dealer here in Germany, he told me, the Stand Alone should work great, because the Mundo will stand on its own wheels to carry the weight and be supported by the stand.
But he proposed the solution:

I don't know if you can get a Buzzetti-Sidestand in the US and if you find someone to biuld the extra support.

But I can tell you, it works really great! The Mundo stand solid as a rock, even while my 6 year old daughter climbs up to the rack!
I have to take care, that the bike can not roll foreward, because this could make the stand flip up.
And the bike will not stand upright, but leans to the left, as it does with your sidestand.
And I have to load the left sideloader first, to be sure, the bike will lean onto the sidestand. But I used it with 15 kilograms of load on each sideloader or my 25 kilogramm daughter on the rack. Works fine!
Joe said…
Thanks everyone for your comments and insight.

Dan, I agree, the price does seem steep.

Mr. C, Yes I did remove the Hebie from my v1, but it was rusted on from riding through the winter...had to saw the bolt to get it off...not sure if it is usable. I may try to repair it.

Jeff, the side-stand does work...but a center-stand would work better. And I can't complain about the company because for the quality of the bike their prices are very reasonable...any other bike of this caliber is double the cost.

Big Smile, Thanks so much for the link...I may give that a try as well.

I recommend you guys take a look at Big Smile's link above on his kickstand solution.

Thanks again...let's keep riding and hauling stuff.
Premodern Bloke said…
I would guess that the Buzetti side stand with modification would end up being close to the cost of the stand-alone stand, and the stand-alone would seem to be a cleaner solution.
the_big_smile said…
The Standallone would have cost me about 80 Euro. The Buzetti was 30 plus 15 for the extra part. If one can do that oneself.....
Mark Stosberg said…
Good luck finding a Stand Alone kickstand if you decide you want one. I and others have been waiting for months for them actually to become available.

I'm shopping for an alternative I can get sooner now.
John in NH said…
take a look at the Pletscher Double kickstand. it is expensive but not as bad as yours, I got it at my local shop for 55. they have a non folding one too. its rated load is 50lb just on it but again usually most of the weight is on the rear. I have one that works wonderfully on my loaded Breezer. check out Ecovelo at the link, there are pictures and he talks a little about it. give a holler if you have a question on it :)
Max said…
While this is technically the 1st version, I think it's safe to say they have been learning from all previous and current designs of kickstands on the market. I found the Bipod was a joke if attempting to transport kids. The 2nd two-legged stand (also called the Stand Alone?) had a bit better stability, but had the chain rubbing issue. And Rolling Jackass' center stand certainly looks nice, but it should, shouldn't it, for $350 (!)?

It would be nice to see the stand integrated into the sideloaders. Maybe in the future.

By the way, great blog. Thanks Much.
Joe said…
Max,I also found the original bipod (which I had on my v1) rather unstable (can't tell you how many times the bike fell over loaded. And yes, I am familiar with the Rolling Jack Ass...I don't care how well made it is, if I purchased a kick stand for $350 I would be the rolling jack ass. Thanks, btw, for the kudos and comments.
Phil N said…
Super late arrival I know! But I had to comment: This is the greatest stand I have ever used on any bicycle. It has yet to fail me. It makes loading and unloading a joy - no balance worries. Which is one of the gremlins that non cyclists add-up and turn into excuses not to use bikes. A massive thumb's up from me.