S.U.V. and S.U.B.

Yesterday when I came out of my house there was this enormous brand new Hummer sitting in front of it...I was, and still am, in awe of its size. It seemed really out of place on our narrow Allentown street. Why, I couldn't help but wonder, does someone need--or want--that much power in an urban (or suburban...or even rural) environment? It just seems so unnecessary.

After I walked the Mundo down the plank of gratefulness I went back up to lock the front door. When I turned I saw the image you see above...is it just me or is this ironic? I of course had to snap a picture. I also had planned on writing a clever caption to it but could not say it any better than Ms. Murdoch

"The bicycle is the most civilized conveyance known to man. Other forms of transport grow daily more nightmarish. Only the bicycle remains pure in heart."
--Iris Murdoch


Roothles Toothless said…
Sounding more and more like a righteous cyclist every day.
Joe said…
I still own and drive (a much smaller) truck...but I don't drive it that often.
Dr C. said…
I'm starting to use the term "pimpmobile" much more frequently than SUV nowadays.
the_big_smile said…
I think, a Mundo and a Hummer share some things with eatch other.
Both are are very big and fat and people look after you when you drive them.
Both are quite impressiv, don't they?
Both are much fun to drive. (I didn't try a Hummer yet, but I think, it will be fun, as long as you don't mind the fuel cost.)

But the size/usability ration is not really good with the Hummer! Not to mention the thirst for fuel!
But it is great with the Mundo!

I think, the Hummer is defenetly impressive, but as you said, it seem so unnecessary.
I admit, I would try a Hummer for an hour or a day just to know how it feels, but I think, the cost for this hour would keep me from trying! ;-)

So I keep on loving my Mundo! It's cooler, than a Hummer, cheaper and much easier to park!

And last but not least: I have enough selfconfidence. I don't need more than a bike to ride! ;-)
Joe said…
Alright...I agree. It would be fun to test ride one of these monsters for an hour just to see what it felt like (but I wouldn't want anyone to see me)...and when I was done I could ride home on one of my bikes.