Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#208)...with a link, a few comments, and another photo.

Sometimes (more often than not, actually) the only thing I carry on this bike is me. While it weighs in the upwards of 60 lbs. and is more then 6 ft. long I still find it the most comfortable and fun bike to ride (out of my 3 main bikes). Not only does it's upright position and big cushy ride make it super fun, but having the loading capacity capacity available (should I need it) makes it all the more worthwhile. I truly love being both the motor and the cargo (on any bike). I was thinking just that when I rode home tonight and saw the full moon (pictured below) literally stopped me in my tracks and I had to snap a picture of it while at an intersection. I stopped and looked at it for a while (something I wouldn't have been able to do if  were in a car) and was in awe to think that people around the world (if it were night in their part of the world) could see the same moon that I was looking at. It made me feel small, and sometimes I think it is good for a person to really small. It keeps things in perspective for me.

On a different note, I thought I'd share this link to an article that was in the Buffalo News today (our local daily paper). It's titled, Boost body and mind with bicycling. It's a brief but good article promoting bicycling as a way of life and all the benefits that are naturally associated with it.

As I've stated in many previous posts, I ride for many of the obvious reasons, but the reason I ride for mostly is purely selfish...I ride because I really like it.


the_big_smile said…
Hi George!

I think, I can understand you. When I ride my bike often I have the best ideas how to solve problems or just something I could do or try to do.
Seems to be the monotony in pedaling.

And since two weeks I experience what it means, to switch from a mundo to a "normal" bike. Since the fork of the Mundo is bent, I have to use me other bike, wich I used for over 8 years before. But now I feel how great it was, to have a cargo bike! Never think about what or whom you will want to transport the next minute. There is allways room on the Mundo!

Hopefully I will be able to fix the Mundo next weekend.
My older daughter would be really happy, because she is allmost to tall for the Charriot Corsair XL.
Captain Hairdo said…
On your reason for riding- Amen, brother! I can- and do- brag about how much money and time I save by riding, how good it is for the environment, my mental health, etc. All those things are true and valid, but ultimately I ride because it's fun!