Zippy Little Bike

I've mentioned in previous posts that I have 5 bikes but really only ride 3 (an old Raleigh and a tandem sit in my basement). My Mundo is my main bike in the summer, the Mule is my main bike in the winter, and the Dahon is my in between bike...meaning I ride it to work most days (it's easy to store), take it to Toronto with me, and occasionally zip around town on it. And "zip" is a good word because with it's short wheel base it feels quite zippy. Some days I'll come home from work and switch from riding my really little bike to my really big about contrast in rides. But I digress. Tonight I was out and it was raining. I was only about a mile or so from home and it was all side-streets home, no thoroughfares. It felt good to be out and it felt good to be on that zippy little bike. It was only a slight drizzle in the air--a mist really--and I had a slight wind to my back. I do not have an odometer on this bike but I'm sure my average hovered around 20mph (32km). And I don't mean to be redundant in my posts...but why in the world would anyone want to drive a car for such a short distance on such a lovely, albeit somewhat damp, summer's night? Knowing we are on the backside of summer (and in this area of the world that's a big deal) I've been truly appreciating the balmy weather, especially the nights. And not to sound hokey, but the short ride I had tonight felt almost mystical. To use a pretend and sarcastic quote from previous posts on fixies, I was one with my bike...but this time I meant it.

(On a side note, and evident in the photo: I'm glad that the reflector tape actually works.)


Isla... said…
The weather has been similar over here the last few days JG - all damp & grey - to the eyes at least more like November.

I'm a compulsive shorts & t shirt dweller when the temp' is high enough, and found it funny yesterday seeing people dressed for winter, and peering out of shop doorways, deciding whether or not to risk the 'drizzle' :>D

Nice to read you was 'at one' with the bike yesterday - meditation on two wheels. And with gears & brakes lol.

I haven't ridden a fixed myself btw, but did start building one almost a couple of years ago now. What stalled it was that as I started finding a bicycle useful, I then realised that for me, a fixie would be no more than a plaything (i.e: gathering dust in the garage).

There's definitely mileage in simplifying things though - the front dérailleur is currently off my mtb & am finding 7 speeds with middle chainring are more than adequate for plodding with a load, or blowing away the cobwebs without.
Joe said…
I agree with the simplicity idea, and I also think that single speed bikes make sense (that they can still coast and have brakes), but having the chain fixed I think is probably best for short races and circus tricks, not an everyday bike. Thanks for your thoughts Ian.