Ezekiel Bagels and a Loaf of Bread

Today at work I made Ezekiel bread for the simple reason that I like making it and it is my favorite bread...and I believe it is exceedingly healthy. What was different with today's bread was that I made half of the dough into bagels. Now many bread bakers may disagree with me, but I find that the main difference between regular bread and bagels is how it is cooked...bagels are poached before they are baked (a little sugar and baking powder is added to the water to give the baked bagels their sheen). Anyhow, I've made bagels before but not Ezekiel dough and thought I'd give it a try. The resulting bagels were delicious...tender and chewy at the same time, yet full flavored because of the ingredients in the dough. To see earlier posts with pictures and recipes on making Ezekiel bread dough click here and here. Now here they are in pictures.