Really Simple Hot and Sweet Pickled Peppers

This is a basic refrigerator pickle recipe that can be used for virtually any garden vegetable. It's based on the simple formula of 2-2-1, meaning two parts vinegar, two parts sugar, and one part water (and a little salt). Then you can virtually add any herbs or spices you'd like. And these are refrigerator pickles, meaning they have not been processed and need to be refrigerated. But this is not a problem because they are usually eaten before they spoil and with the high concentration of sugar ad vinegar they have an extended shelf life. These pepper (cayenne) are particularly hot so I'll use them as an ingredient in other dishes rather than eat them straight, and the resulting liquid--syrupy sweet and a little acidic--will also be hot and can be used as an ingredient as soups, sauces, vinaigrettes, stir-fries, or  simply drizzled over foods as a condiment. I also added a slivered onion, a few whole cloves of garlic, and some kosher salt. If this were another vegetable I'd most likely also add crushed red pepper (not needed for these, though) and maybe a little pickling spice.

Anyhow, the process for these is very simple: wash the vegetables, remove their stems, and place them in a jar or bowl (if using hot peppers such as these, make sure you wear gloves and don't touch your eyes or face--or other body parts that shall stay unmentioned). Bring the brine to a boil with the seasonings and boil it for only about 30 seconds. While the brine is still hot pour it over the vegetables. Allow the vegetables to cool on the counter, pushing them into the brine periodically (they'll eventually sink on their own). Then cover and refrigerate them.

Here they are in pictures.