Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#212 & 213)...and a few comments

#212 (top two photos)...A really big plastic box. Saw this at the curb on my way home from work'll be great to store firewood this winter.

#213 (bottom photo)...$129.37 in groceries in four plastic crates from two separate stores.

And here's quick story and a recap of a conversation. Prior to shopping for the items in photo #213 I had gone to a different store for sundries and cleaning supplies. As I shopped I fit the merchandise into two plastic totes that were supplied by the store. When I paid my bill the cashier started putting the stuff into bags and I told him that I wouldn't require bags, that they just accumulate...that I'd just put the merchandise back in the totes. As I left the store I was stopped by a security guard, this is the conversation that ensued:

Him: Excuse me sir, may I see your receipt?
Me: Yes, but may I ask why?
Him: (as he looked at the receipt) Because you're leaving the store with those two boxes of items [not in bags].
Me: I don't want the bags because it's easier to carry on my bike and they just accumulate at home.
Him: (Looking at me as if I'm being a smart ass) You're going to carry all this on a bicycle.
Me: Yes (by now, customers were watching...we were in the doorway).
Him: What kind of bike do you have?
Me: A big bike.
Him: (just looks at me like he thinks I'm a little bit nuts)
Me: Would you like to see it?
Him: Sure.

We left the store; the Mundo was parked just outside the door, locked to a rack

Him: (upon seeing Mundo) Holy shit, that is a big bike!

After loading the items into the crates I went back into the store to return the totes and I could hear him telling a couple co-workers about the bike. I've gotten to the point where I wish more people would ride bikes to feel the joy it brings a person. I'm not suggesting give up cars entirely (I surely haven't), but riding now and again can really change things, I think...and many people may be surprised at what they can do.


Nina Suluh said…
I've been meaning to drop a comment on your blog for some time now and this post was the lucky one.

You are totally an inspiration. I've been following you for over a year now, I guess and I'm very impressed. I found your blog by googling "Ezekiel Bread recipe" and I stayed for the bike posts.

Because of you and your blog, I got my negelected, run down bicycle out of the garage and am having it reconditioned. I live in a bedroom community that has a farmer's market on Saturdays where the parking is TERRIBLE. I'm going to be riding down there for my fresh fruits and veg rather than driving. That's thanks to you. I wish I could give up driving all together, but with three kids who have to be taken to school and picked up, it's not going to happen on a bike, sadly. But I can dream.

Thanks for being such an inspiration and motivation.
Joe said…
llama, thanks for your kind comments. I am truly glad to have inspired you to tale up bike riding's something we (Americans) seem to think is only for kids. Ironically, today I'll be using my truck to go on a short trip (first time I'm using it in a month, though). And I'm glad you came for the bread recipes...bread, I think, is a lost art, and it is so easy to make (and exceedingly gratifying to the baker). Peace.