Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#218)

A cardboard box containing 2 pasta machines and their accessories.

A cardboard box containing 4 pints of homemade dog food (leftover rice and beef) and two portions of homemade pasta and beef ragout.

A canvas bag containing, among other things, two books, a magazine, a day planner, and 2 mechanical pencils that are lacking lead.


Captain Hairdo said…
I love your Things That Can Be Carried by Bike segment. Very cool, and inspiring. I do a lot of towing with my old Burley trailer, but I really want a cargo bike! As you've mentioned, people are often amazed at the amount and the variety of stuff that I transport by bike. But it's not that hard and if I can do it then anybody can!
Joe said…
CH: Thanks. It's one of my favorite things to post. I love being able to carry things on a bike and let others see what a bike can do. I have a trailer also which I use on my standard bikes. I almost bought a a Burley, ended up getting a BicicleR Evolution...but don't use it that often since getting the Mundo. If you are interested in a cargo bike I definitely recommend a of the most economical on the market, they ride great, and can carry lots. Thanks again.