World Car-Free Day

Today is world Car-Free day.  Click here for resources.


Dr C. said…
I'm doing my bit, 365 car-free days a year.

Car free week would be a good idea.
Funny coincidence, my son's birthday is today as well! I did my part and commuted to work through the rain down here in the Southtowns, although I'll be driving to church this evening. It would be a 41 mile round trip, not sure how to make that work "car-free".
Captain Hairdo said…
Every day is car-free day for me!
Joe said…
Mr. C & Captain: You guys are my inspiration...I'm not entirely car-free but nearly.

Travis & Michelle: I feel your pain. The problem with the burbs is that everything is so far apart. On a day-to-day basis I can travel easily within the city on my bike(s), but if I have to venture to the outskirts--for a family gathering, say--I have no option but a car. None-the-less, whatever we do in the right direction is not only good for our planet, but also good for our body and mind...and we're also good examples for our kids.

Thanks for reading and commenting :)