Four Chain-Guards

1. Dahon Vitesse
2. The Mule (Trek)
3. A Raleigh Sprite (that sits in my basement)
4. v1 Mundo


DanT said…
Joe, I am thinking that I will fit a chain guard on my Yuba before the snow. I am going to try to ride it through the winter. We get a lot less snow here in St. Catharines than you do in Buffalo - same temperature though.

I not that the yuba has a 44T outer ring so I will pick up the appropriate guard. Warnings and suggestions are welcome.

Joe said…

Not any real warnings or suggestions other than the guard will easily fit with the exception you'll probably have to rig another bracket or clip for it in the rear. Though that should be an easy enough fix...a bike shop or hardware store will probably have what you need. I'll be interested to hear how it turn out as I am thinking about doing the same. Send pics if you want and I'll post them. On a different note, I'll e ricing the Mundo through the winter this year (along with the Mule).