Four Chords [sic] of Wood

This past weekend I had my annual shipment of firewood delivered. I usually go through about 3-4 face cords a season (with some left over for the beginning of the next season. I don't heat entirely with wood; it's just an auxiliary heat source. None-the-less, hauling four cords of wood to the rear of the house and stacking it is no easy task. When my son was young, and before I had experienced a back injury, I used to do this myself...much to my son's dismay he had to get up early on a weekend to do hard labor. At any rate, when all was said and done--the wood hauled and stacked--I felt good, as I still do. And it gave me a sense of security...if the electricity goes out this winter I will have heat and candles for light. While it's unseasonably warm out as I type these words (freakishly warm) the wind is blowing and I know what's shortly to come. Thus it's a good feeling having my small backyard full of seasoned firewood. Then I started to think what the true meaning of security is (to me). Many people measure this in many different ways (just as wealth can be measured in many ways) and I was going to put a couple thoughts and/or links here as to what my views on security were, but then I felt it to be a bit presumptuous (I'll give you a hint, it has nothing to do with monetary wealth); this is something each of us considers for ourselves, I suppose. Lastly, I leave you with this fine song.