Groovy Pug

This is of the two pugs that own me (the other is Maxwell, but he's way too cool to be in the picture). How can this not make you smile? It's interesting how different their personalities are...Franklin will do anything for affection (such as sit for 5 minutes with old-school hippy glasses on while my son and I take his photo), but his brother, Maxwell, could care less...he just wants food and a good nap next to the wood stove. These photos make me laugh even now as I type these words...anyhow, just thought I'd share them. To see more of Franklin click here and here; to see the two brothers together click here and here.


Unknown said…
Your pugs are adorable! Franklin certainly is cool! I'm so glad to finally see them after all you've talked bout them! How did you come up with their names?
Kim said…
Thank you so much Joe for making me both smile and laugh! I LOVED these shots.... Franklin clearly is one rockin' dude. Very chic.