The Last of the Tomatoes

I rummaged around the garden in the rear of my house today and was surprised to discover tomatoes hanging from the vines and lying on the ground...not bad for the second week of October. There are still a fair amount of green ones hanging on the vines which I didn't pick but probably should have...I heard on the radio that tonight there is the first frost warning of the season.


I think I have processed about 60 lbs of tomatoes into sauce in the last couple of weeks. There is so much tomato sauce in my pantry the shelves are sagging. This would be called a "high class problem" : )
Joe said…
I love sauce made from fresh tomatoes. I've actually been freezing my tomatoes whole. First time I've done this, but I've had such a hectic last few months I haven't had time to make my usual "big batch." Hopefully they'll still taste ok after thawed and sauced :)