Miracle In A Chilean Desert

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By now everyone around the world has heard of the safe rescue of the 33 miners and two paramedics in the Chilean mine, but I still felt the need to offer a brief post. I applaud these men for their spirit and endurance; it is beyond my comprehension. It's said that a person really does not know what they are capable of until put to a test. Well I can honestly say that I do not know if I could have survived such an ordeal...especially those first 17 days without contact. And the two men that went down to assist prior to the rescue are equally heroic...so too for all those who aided and prayed throughout the weeks and months. I heard one of the master drillers interviewed on the radio the other day and he commented (I'm paraphrasing) how everything he has done in his life has lead up to this, that this is the most important thing. Then he added that he's usually drilling for copper, but today he is drilling for human life. It brings tears to my eyes still.

Their rescue, I truly believe, is nothing short of a miracle.

Thank you Lord....Gracias Señor!