Return of the Scorcher

I just came across this short documentary (27 minutes) and if I had to sum it up in a word it would be: excellent. If I could use another it would be: inspiring. I know many have probably seen this before--given it was originally released in 1992--but I had not. And I found it interesting that what it says (the over all message) is just as relevant, possibly even more relent, today. I've you've not seen it and are interested in bicycling as a valid form of transportation I encourage you to do so.

Here's a description copied from Ted White's website (the filmmaker).

This half-hour documentary looks at bike culture and bike lifestyles around the world with beautiful and inspiring scenes of bike use filmed in China, The Netherlands, Denmark, and the U.S.
In the 1890's, before automobiles ruled the roads, bicyclists were referred to as "Scorchers" because of their blazing speed. A century later, in a world filled with car-related environmental and social problems, Return of the Scorcher discovers an inspired and evolving bicycling renaissance.

This documentary touches on a surprising variety of subjects including romance, rebellion, early feminism, and spirituality - all viewed within the context of bicycling.

Return of the Scorcher questions our obsession with "progress" and status and presents a diverse cross-section of cycling visionaries who see the bicycle as a life-affirming vehicle for change.
Featured interviewees include: Marcia Lowe, Michael Replogle, Iain Boal, Ellen Fletcher, George Bliss and others.