Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#228)...and a comment


As I was pedaling home with pizza on my front rack, and seeing the words "We Deliver" on the box, I thought a couple things. One was that I deliver also (my own pizza, that is), but it also reminded me of a pizzeria I saw when I was in Boston on holiday a couple years ago...The Upper Crust. Their pizza is good, but that's besides the point. The reason I mention them is that they deliver by bicycle (though I'm not sure if it is exclusively by bike). They have large wooden boxes attached to the back of ordinary mountain bikes, and when I say large I mean large (click here or here to see photos)...they sure could use a Mundo. There are a few locations but the one that I ate at was in Beacon Hill...if you've been to Boston you know how steep the streets are in that neighborhood...I wonder if the delivery people are allowed to eat free pizza for carbs (fuel).