Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#229)...and how I lost my squeak

$100.24 of groceries in a BicycleR Evolution trailer.

Besides what I carried (towed) on my bike today, this is a continuation of a post from couple days ago  regarding a squeak I was unable to diagnose (click here to read that post).  First off I would like to say thanks again for all those who gave me suggestions...greatly appreciated and I got the squeak fixed. After squeaking my way to and from church this morning I was determined to address the problem. Then this afternoon I was to go grocery shopping and had fully intended on loading the Mundo with crates but was so thrilled to be squeak-less that I thought I'd use the BikeRev trailer and see if it was truly fixed. On the 4-mile round trip I am glad to say that there was nary a squeak to be heard (the break cables are another matter).

So, the big question...what was the source of the problematic squeak, or what did I do to rectify it? We'll, this is slightly embarassing (not really...just being over-dramatic).

This is the big technical operation I did to stop the squeak...drum roll please.

I tightened the bottom bracket, and just a little bit. Yup...that's it.

After removing the left crank (the source area of the pesky squeak) I tightened the bottom bracket like 1/8 of a turn, maybe not even that much. And low and behold it does not squeak. Go figure.

I'll just say that this has been a learning experience (mechanically speaking). Thanks again to all those who gave advice.