Autumnal Contemplations

Autumn has always been my favorite season...I love the cool crisp air and how it smells, and I like wearing fall clothes. I also enjoy not sweating in the kitchen (both at my job and at home). But it also puts me in a contemplative mood at times..and this is not a bad thing (at least not for myself). Maybe it's the fact that summer is over and trees are nearly stripped of their leaves (which I find beautiful in it's own way). Maybe it's knowing that winter is ahead, and in this area that can be serious business. But in the same way that spring reminds me of rebirth, autumn makes me think of death. I don't mean this in a morbid physical way, but more in a personal, internal one...a time for me to reassess things on a personal level; a time to get centered. And in an odd way, maybe it's not that odd--amidst the earlier than usual television bombardment of holiday adverts--this makes me feel content; grateful.

Tonight I also thought of the incredible courage Allen and Violet Large had when they won millions and gave it all away...simply because they were content and felt they had enough of what they need, which it seems to me was mostly each other (click here to read more about them).

It was warm earlier in the day, and as I rode home tonight with the chilly air on my face I realized I should have worn a heavier jacket...I shivered a little. As I came to an incline in the rode and approached a busy intersection I stood on my pedals and coasted so I could see if any cars were to turn into my path. And it felt good, as I coasted and shivered a little. As much as I pedaled and coasted I never fully warmed up, but it was OK because sometimes, I believe, it is good for a person to be a little uncomfortable. Being in the autumn air and feeling a little cold made me remember that while I may not always have everything I want, I most surely have everything I need. Sometimes I need to be reminded of this.

For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it. But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that.
1 Timothy 6:7-8 (NIV)



Kim said…
This was so beautifully phrased. Thank you.
Kiry said…
Your blog inspires me. Thank you. I did make your ezekiel bread, it was great. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insight. 1 peter 2:5
Joe said…
Kiry, Thanks for your kind comments, and I'm glad to hear you made the Ezekiel bread :)