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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Built To Last

This is a short film (under 3 minutes) about building sustainable cities. The first minute or so seems a little bleak...but the second half is inspiring. This is actually something I've been attempting to do from a personal level for the past decade or so, not rebuilding a city, of course, but constructing my life so things are within reach...literally and metaphorically. I've not been entirely successful...still use my car occasionally, as I did today. And I still get stressed over things (real and imagined, but mostly self-imposed). For the most part I find that when I simplify my life (which is a continual and on-going process) it contributes to the planet but the real benefit is a personal one--a selfish one, I suppose--because as I try to live simply, which includes bicycling and walking as often as I can, I have a sense of peace...and this is something I could not purchase at the mall.

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Mankan said...

Thanks Joe, loved that clip...