Note to Self:

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Cold Evening's Dusk

Three miles (round trip) to do an evening errand...still not used to the cold yet, but it was invigorating none-the-less. Beautiful and refreshing too...the air feels so clean.


Mr Colostomy said...

What sort of temperatures are you having there at the moment? Manchester has been colder than usual for this time of year, but it has been brilliant for riding thanks to the lack of rain

Joe said...

Mr. C,

I was just listening to the news this morning and they were saying that England was having much colder temperatures than usual...we, in the north eastern States, on the other hand, have been slightly warmer than normal. As I type these words it's about 30F (-1c), which as I say is just slightly warmer than usual. But I'm trying to brace myself for what's to January temperatures that hover around 0F (-17c) are not uncommon.

Mr Colostomy said...

It has been around -5C here for a few days now, it has been really nice for cycling without getting too hot or dehydrated. I'm not sure how I would cope with cycling at -17C though, it seldom gets that much colder than the current temperature here. Have you been out on the bike on the very coldest days you have?

Joe said...

Yes I have been out when it has been super cold...for short periods. You have to take precautions because it can actually be dangerous. When it is that cold it is not fun.