First of the Season

It snowed yesterday for the first time this season, this is a picture of it last night. There are only a couple inches of snow, which in this area of the world is nothing to get worried about. But it seems so magical to me...those first few times it snows. I love the different changes things. No longer is my small wood burner a novelty (as it is in early fall) but a necessity to keep this old uninsulated house warm, and when traveling by bike you really have to consider things--dress, route, distance--before leaving the front door. None-the-less, I still find it beautiful and invigorating at first, unlike the harsh temperatures and heavy snows that often accompany January and February, which can just seem barren and bleak. I have to run some errands today and am looking forward to my first snowy ride of the season.


DanT said…

Nice photo and I know how you feel. I am less than 50 km from Allentown and we have had about 10 minutes of very light flurries today No snow on the ground.

Keep the shiny side up.

Joe said…
Thanks Dan. Most of the snow has melted by now but we may be getting more tonight...and then it's get warm in a couple of days. It's always a roller coaster ride this time of year.