Gimme Shelter

I came across this video at the blog, Walk Slowly, Live Wildly. It's a short video about Lloyd Kahn discussing his theory on what shelter is.

What an inspiring one point, about 2/3 through the clip, he's skateboarding through the San Franciscan suburbs (a true juxtaposition)...keep in mind the man is 75. Anyhow, if you are at all interested in simplicity and/or alternative living and lifestyles I encourage you to watch this; you will likely be inspired. Click here for Lloyd's blog.


the_big_smile said…
I admire that guy for doing allmost everything by himself.
Building his house, growing his own food and so on.
I wish, I could grow my own food. But we're living in an apartment without a garden...

And the fact, he is riding a longboard at the age of 75 is great! I like that man!
(Although I am not a skater. I would hurt myself badly, trying to ride a skateboard.)
Joe said…
Yes it's pretty amazing isn't it...riding a longboard at 75!

In regards to gardening in an apartment you should check out this site:

She's a woman that lives in an inner city Toronto apartment and grows all sorts of stuff.

And yes, also, if I were to try a skateboard I'd probably be able to do it but hurt myself in the process.