Mundo with Bread Platform

Though it may look like it, that is not my Mundo pictured above. These are pictures sent in from Dan, a reader of this blog and fellow Mundo rider (thanks Dan!).

During the course of posts, comments, and virtual conversation, a few of us were curious as to how the Mundo bread platform mounted to the bike, so Dan sent us some photos. Personally, I was curious because I am interested on mounting one on my winter bike, the Mule, making it a sort of shorter winter cargo bike.

Stefan, over at Mein Yuba Mundo, sent me this link of a German off-shoot of the Mundo with a very similar rack. He was also kind enough to translate the important parts for me, and it reads as thus:  "This practical platform can be mounted on most other bikes."

I've been thinking about ordering one for a while but have been put off by the price...$119 seems a little steep, but when I compared it to others on the market it looks comparable, and it certainly looks sturdy. I'll without doubt get my use out of it no matter which bike I mount it on. Looks like I'm going to bite the bullet and order one.  I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for the pics and links guys. Click the below photos to see a closer view.


DanT said…
Hi Joe.

I recognize that bike.

In the bottom left photo you can see the mandatory zip ties used to keep the cables from binding. Before the the zips were installed , the front brake actuated when I took a right turn on the roadway. It was at low speed but I never the less found myself lying on the road.

So please keep an eye out for any potential binding.

Dr C. said…
Speaking of winter bikes, I rode my Yuba through the last winter here in the UK, including a few weeks of snow. The snow is probably not impressive compared to what many in the US see, but because it doesn't even snow every year when we do get it it isn't usually plowed away. The Yuba was the best bike I have for riding in those wintery conditions, the long wheelbase made it more stable on ice and the side-rails saved me from a few wipeouts too.
DanT said…
in my experience, for winter riding: the wider the tire the better and studded tires better yet.
joe said…
I haven't ridden the v3 Mundo in the snow yet but have to say was not impressed with the v1. I understand what you guys are saying about the long wheel base but because of this (despite the bike's weight) I found it to be light in the back, making it slip about. I'll be giving the v3 a test this year. And when I talk about snow in this area I mean really snowy (you know what I'm talking about Dan) the point where sometimes I wonder if I'm not a little coo-coo for attempting to ride in it.