Pics from Fellow Yuba Mundo Riders

These photos were sent to me by fellow Mundo riders (thanks guys!). The above photo is from Max. Besides carrying what looks to me like a child's seat (or is it two?), he also has a full-sized Shop-Vac, various tools, and a Go-Getter bag on the other side. I like the front pannier rack Max...and is that a Stand Alone kickstand holding the bike up?

The below photo is from Dan in St. Catherines, ON. He tells me he has more than 45 lbs. (20.5k) in his Go-Getter bag. He also has the Yuba Bread Platform on the front. (Dan, I'm thinking about getting one, possibly two, does it seem like it would mount on other bikes besides the Yuba?).

Being the only person (that I know of) riding a Mundo in Buffalo I sometimes feel like I'm riding in a vacuum, like I have the only Mundo there's nice to see what others are doing and how they modify them. This is pretty cool. Thanks again for the pics guys; if you or others out there in the blogosphere have more that you feel like sending please do (and please do not think that this request is Mundo-specific--it just happens to be one of the bikes that I ride--or even cargo or longtail centric...bikes of all kinds carry stuff, but if you're reading this you already know that).

I also find it interesting that (according to the header on their website and blog) the slogan at Yuba seems to be "What a bicycle can do"...judging by these pictures it couldn't be more appropriate.


Max said…
I feel the same way, Joe. There is one bike shop here which owns a Mundo, and supposedly uses it to move stock from their warehouse, but I haven't seen it, or any others around here. There are a few Xtracycles and a Yute around, but again, still a really rare sighting. People definitely are interested in my bike, but change is slow, especially when gas prices are low. Hopefully some day utility bikes won't be such a rarity.

You are correct, there are two seats. The back seat is full of their helmets and my other go-getter folded up. I'm working on switching out one of the seats with a handlebar and cushion set up.

The stand is the older Stand Alone. This is a V1, so the new stand won't work on mine, or else I'd buy one in a heartbeat. The one I have is, how shall I put it, less than ideal.

Tomorrow my Christiania trike arrives...


Max said…
Dan, how do you like the bread rack? do you use it much?

Also, tomorrow Yuba is supposed to post the videos from their contest, so be sure to check that out. I wish I had finished ours.

Don Preisler said…
Trek will be releasing their (really nice) cargo bike soon. It's on their website. I'm hoping that inspires some and helps them realize these a re great options to driving. I love my Mundo.

DanT said…
Hi Joe,

The reason for the heavy bag is that I had 2 heavy duty long chain / locks in the bag that were 20 lbs to start with.

Hi Max.

The bread platform is new, only been on a for a month so it hasn't seen much use. It is robust and I think that it could be used on other bikes - depending of the diameter and length of the head tube and the materials used to make the head tube.

The Yuba as a 38mm Dia, while my Miyata touring frame has a 32mm as does my Trek mounntain bike.

The longer the head tube the better for the bread platform. As materials go, it fastens with U bolts so I would suggest a steel and not a composite head tube.

I will take a few close up photos this week to clarify my poor verbal description.

Joe said…
Dan, I would love to see close up photos of the bread rack and how it is mounted :)

Don, I have seen photos of the Trek Transporter at their looks pretty nice. But I can't help wonder how much they took from the Mundo in design...maybe it's just me, but it looks very similar. Here's a link for those that have not ssen it yet.
the_big_smile said…
Here in Eisenach, Germany, I am the only one riding a Mundo and cargobikes are very rare.
I've seen two. (Not counting the bikes of postal services.) And these two were not the kind, I would carry heavy stuff on.

Joe, the bread-platform shoud mount to almost any bike. The guy I bought my mundo from has one on his mundo and I've seen it. He has the platform mounted extra low. He has the lower u-bolt beneath the downtube of the Mundo, so between downtube an lower headset-bearing. This could be an option for bikes with short head tubes.
By the way, here you can see him:
On a red Mundo V1 with seven gear upgrade, electric powered. He lives in Kassel, Germany.

By the way, here you can see the 2010 german version of the Mundo.
Klaus Schroeder, the german constructor of the Mundo split from Yuba end 2009 and has launched his own transport bike, the Velonom Prana, wich is nothing else than an upgraded Mundo V2.

He sells the bread platform too.
And the text at this page reads in the last line: "This practical platfrom can be mounted on most other bikes."

But beware! It is another 2,5 kilo of weight added to the Mundo.

But well, as I recognize wright now: It is not exactly the same platform as on Dan's bike....
So closeup fotos would really help.
I would like to see them too, just because I am curios.
Joe said…
Thanks for the comments and the've pretty much convinced me to get the bread platform. I may put it on another bike bedsides the Mundo, the one I ride through the winter. I did stumble across the website for Velonom Prana a while ago and thought it looked curiously like a Mundo.