They're Not All Perfect...

...but they're still really good.

What I mean by this is that even when you have homemade "bread problems" the result is usually going to be better than something you'd buy at the supermarket. The above loaves are good examples of this. While I was preparing to make tomato sauce today I decided to purge my  teeny refrigerator to make room for the resulting bowl of sauce; I was also, coincidentally, preparing to make bread. In the cooler I found a cooked potato, a piece of slightly moldy Parmesan cheese, and a couple eggs that were outdated by 1 day. So I mashed the potato, cut the mold off the cheese and grated it, and cracked the eggs...all of which went into the bread dough. The problem was that I haphazardly oiled the bread-pans, and because of the cheese in the dough the bread stuck to the edges of the pan. You can see the torn bread in the above photo. Fortunately the bread (Whole Wheat Parmesan-Potato Bread Fortified with Egg) is still delicious, albeit a bit torn.

Bake your own's as fun as riding a bike.

For more info on 100% whole wheat bread baking (recipe and pictures) click here and here.


Drew said…
I really enjoyed your positive article about making this bread. Thanks for posting.