Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#242)

A new set of brakes.
(More on the new Bread Platform later...I like it so far!)


DanT said…

The rack very utilitarian on your mule. I suspect that you will get lots of comments as well as use.

Jim said…
I like that rack - especially that the weight is carried on the frame instead of the front fork.
tim said…
I just got a front bread rack too. It's weirded me out the first few times I was out with it. I've had front racks before and so I'm used to seeing loads in front turn with the bars and wheels. So everytime I went to turn with this new rack and the load didn't turn with I found it quite disorienting! I've gotten used to it now and love it!
Joe said…
Thanks guys, for you comments...I'll post more about the rack when I have a bit of time and take a few photos. As mentioned, I like it a lot.

Tim, I's pretty weird at first when you turn and the rack doesn' almost seems like it's going in the opposite optical illusion. I may try to take a 20 second video of it while riding...if I'm able.