Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#246)

A partial set of ratchet wrenches (aka socket wrenches) that I recycled (salvaged) on my way to church this morning...and yes, I'll even pick things out of people's trash on my way to church (if it's something really good).


Pangolin said…
What kind of front rack is that? Also, what kind of bike?
Joe said…
That is a rack sold by Yuba Mundo in your neck of the woods...they are based in Sausalito, CA. Here's a link to the rack.

Here's a link to the bike, which is my main cargo bike.

Here's a link to my thoughts on it.

And as far as the bike, this is basically my "winter bike" though I do ride it year round. It's an old Trek I purchased at a flea market about 5 years ago for $40...since then I have put probably $200 into it. But I love it...rides great in the snow.

Thanks, by the way for reading my blog...glad you stumbled onto it.