Caramelized Cauliflower Frittata...with other good stuff

I like  eggs, simple as that. They are versatile, can be adapted to almost any flavor--from breakfast to dessert--and they are easy to prepare. When my son is not home, as was the case this evening, I tend to cook very simple things. Tonight was no exception. After looking in my fridge I came up with a fresh cauliflower, onions, and eggs. So I made one of my favorite egg preparations: frittata (with a Near East flare). After caramelizing the cauliflower and onions with a good pinch of crushed dried chilies and cumin seed, I added minced garlic and the eggs. Just before I took the pan away from the flame I laid a few slices of sharp cheddar on the eggs, lowered the heat, and put a lid on the it while I sliced an apple and a couple pieces of bread, and poured a glass of wine. By the time the toast was ready the frittata had finished cooking. Simple and delicious...worthy to be sold in a restaurant.

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