Cold and Snowy

Like much of the country we have had an early and particularly cold winter this year...but it's been an odd one, too. Last week it was very cold and extremely snowy, then it warmed up and the snow melted, and now it's back at it. The weather was so bad this morning rather than risk my physical health riding a bike to work I walked. I'm not worried about me falling off the bike because of the snow and ice; it worries me about getting hit by a person driving a car in this stuff...I may be crazy but I'm not stupid. Anyhow, I thought I'd share a few pictures of my snowy day. The three above are of my walk to work; the two on the left are of the corner of Allen and Elmwood (upper) and Allen and Delaware (lower). The one on the right is self portrait taken from my reflection in a shop window...this was my morning commute.

The picture below is a window in my kitchen at work...pretty scene isn't it. I feel fortunate in that the kitchen I currently work has windows all around...some kitchens truly are afterthoughts when and establishment is built, and many are windowless. Windows can really lift my spirits. The picture below is of the garden/courtyard that the window overlooks. You can see how hard it was snowing at that time (click it for a larger view). It really is beautiful this time of year while the snow is so new and fresh.