The Digital Story of the Nativity

This is very clever. It's worth the 3 minutes of your time to watch. 


the_big_smile said…
Great video.
Well, if the story would happen today again, it might look like in that video! :-)

But I am really wondering, if Jesus' birth might have been completly different, than we learned it.
If it happened at all...

Never the less, important is the spirit of Christ, that is transported by the bible.
And that spirit is, what we had to learn for the last 2000 years but still haven't managed to.
So we should just slow down for the holidays and think of the homework, we forgot until now.
It is time to get it done!
Joe said…
Thanks Stefan,

And yes, I agree...I'm sure the true story of Christianity is way different than what the Church says it is today...personally, I read most of the Bible as metaphor. But I also believe that we as a people would be far better off if we (including myself) contemplated the true message of Jesus (love) instead of using it as an opportunity to get the next big deal at the mall.