My Son's New Bike

This is my son's new used bike. It's a good bike but what makes it really special is that he built it from the frame up by himself. Well not entirely by himself, he attended a workshop at Buffalo Blue Bike with a few friends and the outcome of the workshop is a completed bike. Attendees of the shop choose a frame with nothing on it (no crank, tires, brakes, etc) and with the help of the volunteer workers they build the bike from the ground up. My son chose a mountain bike frame and turned it into a single-speed road bike...pretty cool. He seems really proud of himself (as he should be), but I think I am more proud to be his dad.

Besides offering bicycle workshops Buffalo Blue Bike is a bike sharing organization that has hubs throughout the region. It's really a great service for this community. If you are in the WNY area, or even if you are not, I suggest (encourage) you to visit their website. Buffalo Blue Bike is part of Green Options Buffalo.


DanT said…

It is heartening to see a youth doing something creative other than being at a computer, texting or playing an electronic game.

He is a good looking lad even though he strongly resembles you! :-)

Joe said…

Yes it is good that some kids are doing really cool things. He of course is an average teenager in regards to the electronic stuff, but he's not over the top with it. And yes, I've already apologized to him for passing on my genes :)