Hmmm...I didn't know we were supposed to get snow tonight. But I just glanced out the window and it was coming down heavy. I stepped outside onto the front porch to snap this photo. It was beautiful; the sight and sound of it coming down. It's as if everything is slightly muffled in the city. According to the news much of the US and Europe is getting heavy snow this year. Thankfully I only have a short commute to work in the morning (.75 mile / 1.2 km), but for farther distances, to do errands and such, the heavy snow does make it difficult to bike in. As I've said before, I am not so much concerned about falling off the bike myself as I am getting knocked off by a car driver. I'd be interested to hear how other cyclists are dealing with the snow this year. At any rate, looks like it will be an interesting ride to work in the morning.