Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#254)...and my "city-boy triathlon"

Two plastic soda crates.
Ingredients for dinner and a few other food items.
4.4 kg of dog food.
A set of Christmas tree lights.
4 large envelopes.
3 rolls of wrapping paper.
3 small Christmas presents.
3 rolls of Scotch tape.
A gym bag full of wet clothes.

This past week I seemed to drive my truck more than my bike (which always makes me a little agitated and annoyed)...not so much because of the weather (though it has been cold) but because of many small and unspecific circumstances. At any rate, I had the day off and was determined to do all my errands by bike, which I did but it ended up being a lot of physical exercise (which I felt I needed). Anyhow, at one point I had to laugh to myself as I felt I was on some sort of a city-boy triathlon; this is what comprised it: about seven miles total riding on a 55 lb. bike (including stopping at 4 stores, a bank, and a health club), 40 laps in a pool (a little over a half mile), then splitting and hauling a small pile of firewood using an axe with a semi-broken handle. I'm exhausted (but in a good way).


Unknown said…
"Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice." - Henry David Thoreau
Joe said…

Great quote! Thanks. As you may have guessed by now Thoreau is an inspiration to me.