Tomato and Spinach Swirly Two-Toned Sandwich Bread

This is a simple technique I've used for years to give bread a dramatic look when sliced. I made this for our Christmas eve dinner at my sisters house. The way to make it is quite simple: lay two different raw bread doughs on top of each other and roll them up. When it ferments and rises the dough fuses itself together but at the same time remains separate. But one key factor is that both doughs have to be of about the same consistency so they ferment and rise at the same rate...if one dough were wet and one dry they would rise differently and break apart as they baked (I can tell you this through personal experience). That said, you can use virtually any bread recipe you like so long as they are similar in consistency (if you need a recipe click here, here, here, here, or here). Anyhow, it goes something like this:

Place two bowls side-by-side, and first make a sponge, then the dough (for more explanation on this--with pics and recipes--click the above links).

After the doughs have risen once or twice cut them into appropriate sizes and weights to fit your pans, then cut each in half again. Lay one piece of each separate dough on top of each other and roll them up.

Place the dough into bread pans (or bake them free-form if you like) and allow them to rise; afterwords. bake them in a preheated oven. Simple and interesting...not to mention delicious.