And I Say Again....Brrr

The above photo is a screen-shot of my computer just before I left for work this morning...the thermometer app is displaying that it is 1 degree Fahrenheit (-17C). Yikes. I realize that much of the country, and even the world, has been experiencing a colder-than-normal winter (opposed to last year's hotter-than-normal summer) but that is damned cold, even by Buffalo standards (but then again, what is normal). It wasn't a bad ride to work this morning, nor was I terribly cold...other than my fingers which became cold almost instantly through my weak gloves (and thankfully I have only a short distance to go). It was not snowing, the sun was out, and there was no noticeable wind. I was bundled up pretty good and had a scarf over my mouth because it hurt a little to inhale the frigid temp. And this evening on my way home from the health club it was/is a beautiful winter's night. It was a balmy 17F (-8C), and again clear skies and no wind. The moon is high but not full and it looked beautiful. And as I slowly pedaled and coasted home (actually sweating a bit being fresh from the steam room and slightly overdressed) I thought how there was nowhere else I wanted to be right then but on the seat of my bike on such a beautiful winter's eve.


Debor said…
My daughter is living in Eden, NY this year and attending ECC. She was raised in Florida and is LOVING the seasons. I told her to wait until a negative temp came along! She went sledding for the first time in her life over the weekend and declared it awesome!
John in NH said…
I see your one degree and raise you O degrees :P The one place in NY that can get colder than Buffalo (ok sure there are a bunch of places) Good ol Plattsburgh. Its actually pretty nice out, just need to remember my calf/ankle warmers. I would not want to be going more than a couple miles in it though, for sure. I have 4 pairs of gloves that give me 7 different combinations depending on temperature. I also carry all pairs with me, because you never know what the weather will do next! Stay warm over there!
Joe said…
Debor: Tell your daughter to bundle up :)

John: "I see your one degree and raise you O degrees" That made me laugh out loud. As I mentioned, these are cold temperatures even by Buffalo standards. Interestingly, even though we have this reputation of being the "snow capital" of the state, if not the country, we actually receive far less snow than most other parts of the state...where you are there may be more (I think Syracuse is the snowiest). Google it and you'll see. Anyhow, stay warm; thanks for making me laugh.