Full Moon over Allen Street

I was on my way to purchase a bottle of wine tonight after work and was struck by the scene above. The picture is taken from the focal point at the foot of Allen Street on the corner of Wadsorth looking east. The ominousness of the moon literally stopped me in my tracks...beautiful (frigid, too...10F). The moon looks full but according to the little widget in the sidebar it is a waning gibbous moon (93% full). This makes sense because according to this page a waning gibbous moon: sails over the eastern horizon in the hours between sunset and midnight. It was about 10pm when I saw it and was looking east. I stood there looking at it for a few minutes, shivering a little, but in amazement as I snapped a few photos. While it seems as if it were floating over our little city, as I looked at it I marveled that people in many areas of the country, if not the world, were looking at the very same moon at that very same second. It made me feel small...but sometimes I like that. Click the image if you'd like a larger view.