The Lure of the Open Road

As I sit here and the temperature outside hovers around 0F (-17C) I find myself riding vicariously by reading about bikes and scrolling through bookmarks and links. Anyhow, I can't remember who but someone sent me a link to this e-book (the entire thing is available online). I came upon it again when I found it in a bookmark buried within a bookmark, and I believe I may have actually posted about it before but skimming through it I found it remarkable enough to post again. It's a travel log of two young college girls who traveled (mostly by bike) thorough much of the east coast during 1944...which of course was during wartime. They apparently carried everything they needed on their bikes. I find it particularly interesting because the left from the city in which I live. I haven't read the entire book but I encourage you to take a visit. Click here.


Unknown said…

Have you read "Around the World on a Bicycle" by Thomas Stevens? I think you`d enjoy it. He made his epic journey around the world in 1884 on a Penny Farthing!
Debor said…
I read about these girls online somewhere awhile ago. I was fascinated with their story and astonished that their parents let them travel unescorted by bike! I'd worry sick if my grown daughters did that now. A great story!
joe said…
James, I am familiar with that book (actually have it on my Kindle) but haven't read it yet. It looks interesting...can't imagine riding a Penny Farthing any distance at all.

Debor, I agree...can't imagine how these girls convinced their parent to let them go (maybe they just went).